Della Santina’s – Sonoma

This was the third time I’ve tried to eat at Della Santina’s in Sonoma. The picture of the outdoor patio looked so cute, it just seemed like the perfect place to hang out in wine country on a warm day.

For personal reasons the first two times I tried to eat here didn’t pan out and I had to cancel. But this time I finally made it and I was disappointed.

The food was just okay for Italian. Portions were too large, some of the dishes lacked seasoning and fell flat on flavor. But the atmosphere was cute and made up for what the place lacked in pasta.

What we had:

Caesar salad – traditional with no egg, and by that they mean olive oil, Parmesan cheese, & sardine bits. If you need a good dose of greens it was perfect but if you are looking for that creamy caesar dressing, skip it because you’ll be disappointed.

Penne al funghi – penne tube pasta with mushrooms in a porcini white wine sauce. This was decent, but for some reason not great. Could have been because some of the mushroom stems had not been discarded and were like chewing on cardboard. (Not all stems can be used for eating in a dish).

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce. This dish was bland. It not only needed salt, pepper and cheese, but it looked unappetizing on the plate. It resembled something I might feed my dog.

Skipped dessert but from what I could see they were enormous!

It might be a nice romantic place for dinner to sit out on the patio and have mediocre Italian food with a decent glass of wine. But otherwise I’d skip it.


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