La Boqueria – Barcelona, Spain

boqueriaEvery town has a farmer’s market these days. For the locals in Barcelona, there is one place where they go to get fresh fruit and vegetables besides the super market – it’s La Boqueria. You have never in your life seen a more beautiful display of chocolates, candies, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, olives, or meats in your life.

From takeaway containers ready to eat on the spot, to picking out your fruit for the week, locals as well as tourists can get delicious fresh delicacies here. The locals tend to go to the back of the boqueria and avoid all of the dazzling colors of symmetrically aligned fruit and sweets. My favorite spot was a bakery on the right hand side perimeter as you are entering the boqueria from the street. They not only had the best Iberico ham and cheese sandwich, but they had homemade fresh baked goods too. My favorite: the honey almond torte. (kind of like elephant ears).

boqueria1You can also get great deals on olive oil, saffron, and olives. Plus nuts and chocolates by the piece or by the pound. Great spot if you want to bring back any food souvenirs or if you just want to grab a sandwich for the plane ride back (which is what we did). Just when I thought I had enough of Spanish food, the airplane food on Air France was so terrible that the ham and cheese sandwich from the boqueria was more than welcomed and hit the spot!

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